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  • ELEV8

    Elev8: Empower Your Life Through Collective Consciousness


    Welcome to "Elev8" a transformative year-long journey that weaves the tapestry of scientific understanding with the profound wisdom of spiritual traditions. This unique offering invites you to explore the synergistic potential of eight minds converging into one dynamic network. Together, you will embark on a quest to manifest your dreams and aspirations, not just at a typical pace, but eight times faster.


    Your investment of 444 EUR per month into "Elev8" opens the door to a rich array of offerings:


    1 Energetic Activation
    Kickstart your journey with a powerful energetic activation designed to align you with the frequency of our collective network. This inaugural session sets the stage for your transformative voyage over the next 12 months.


    12 Group Calls with Rejus
    Join Rejus each month for a live, interactive call. These sessions are dedicated to diving deeper into the fusion of science and spirituality, offering you guidance, insight, and the opportunity to address any queries or obstacles on your path.


    A Tribe of 8 Members
    Experience the power of being part of an intimate tribe of eight like-minded individuals, all committed to mutual growth, support, and realization of dreams. This group will become your extended family, your confidantes, and your mirrors throughout this journey.


    52 Group Practices Within Your Tribe
    Engage in weekly group practices specially designed to deepen your understanding and application of the principles explored in "Elev8." These sessions provide a practical framework for harnessing the collective wisdom and intent of your tribe.


    Invitation to Private Community
    Become part of an exclusive, resonance-based community. Connect with fellow participants and alumni from "Elev8" who share your frequency, enhancing your network and support system even beyond your immediate tribe.


    Energetic Tools for a Lifetime
    Gain access to a toolkit of energetic techniques and practices that you will carry with you long after the course concludes. These tools are designed to keep you attuned and empowered in your personal and professional life.


    Permission Slip for Self-Accountability
    Receive a symbolic permission slip as a reminder and a commitment to hold yourself accountable, inspiring you to consistently navigate towards your highest potential timeline.

    Welcome to "Elev88". Your journey towards a magnified reality starts here. We invite you to dream together, grow together, and manifest your aspirations - eight times faster.

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      Empower Your Life Through Collective Consciousness
      €444.00every month until canceled
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