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Sąmoningumo Kelionės:
Tailandas, Koh Phanganas 
pavasario Atostogos

tailandas, koh phanganas, elev8 programa, kelione, sąmoningumas, transformacija

Thailand's Quantum Odyssey:
A Journey of Ancestral Healing

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a world where the energies of the universe, the ebb and flow of the tides, and the very rhythm of your heartbeat synchronize in an entrancing dance. This March, that world awaits you.

From March 24th to April 3rd, we invite you on an enchanting journey, exclusively for the champions of transformation - the esteemed participants of the ELEV8 program. Set against the serene backdrop of Thailand's pristine beaches, spend 10 dreamy nights oscillating between luxury hotels and a breathtaking beachside villa.

But this isn’t just any retreat. It's a Quantum Retreat run completely by ELEV8 members and supported energetically by us.

Prepare to dive deep into every facet of elevating your life, not just on a material level, but also on spiritual, emotional, and intellectual plains. Through crafted experiences, cosmic connections, and esoteric teachings, we endeavor to align your energies, awakening your highest potential. Experience magic and sorcery like never before, delving into energetic work, and transcending beyond the ordinary.​

Are you ready to tap into the grandeur of the universe? To transcend limits and redefine what's possible?

Join us, align with the cosmos, and let's ELEV8 together.

DALL·E 2023-12-01 20.34.13 - A surreal depiction of 'Thailand's Quantum Odyssey_ A Journey of Ancestral Healing'. The image portrays a mystical forest in Thailand, where the trees.png
tailandas, koh phanganas, elev8 programa, kelione, sąmoningumas, transformacija
tailandas, koh phanganas, elev8 programa, kelione, sąmoningumas, transformacija
tailandas, koh phanganas, elev8 programa, kelione, sąmoningumas, transformacija
tailandas, koh phanganas, elev8 programa, kelione, sąmoningumas, transformacija

About Koh Phangan: Thailand's Southeast Asian Pearl

Why do we invite you to Koh Phangan? Because it's a place where you can experience something you won't find anywhere else. It's a special place loved by many conscious travelers because many go there for the same purpose: warmth, mindfulness practices, vegan food, massages, and like-minded souls who come together in love and unity. Only in this place can you experience incredibly beautiful, gentle, and enjoyable sunsets on Zen Beach, where the most beautiful people on the planet gather and simply celebrate life with the rhythms of drums, live fire, and tantric dances. It's a place where strangers boldly and deeply look into each other's eyes upon their first meeting. It's a place with very little separation and a lot of love flowing. The island is not in vain on rose quartz, and rose quartz is the crystal of unconditional love, stimulating feminine energy, sensitivity, and gentleness.

Why Choose Conscious Travel?

How does a conscious journey differ from a regular trip? A conscious journey is also a journey within oneself. It helps to break away from everyday life, leave behind the old self, rebuild oneself, and return to a new reality. When we utilize a journey for mindfulness purposes, we can achieve truly remarkable results in life.

elev8 members run this retreat!

During the quantum retreat, in addition to connecting with the island's nature and its magical atmosphere, we will engage in various mindfulness practices such as shamanic breathwork sessions, energetic activations, reprogramming limiting beliefs, and a cacao ceremony. The program will unfold very organically, tailored to the needs of the participants.

Connecting with Nature

We will visit the most beautiful spots on the island, where we will further clarify our intentions for the new reality. We will explore the island on scooters! It's a double adventure! Learning to ride is very easy, and traffic on the island is minimal, so you can feel safe. And for those who have no driving skills at all, they can enjoy the passenger seat with those who are ready to quickly grasp the nuances of scooter riding.

getting ready for your trip

How to prepare for this journey? You will receive all the detailed information once you have decided to choose the ELEV8 annual membership. Ninah Sol has been organizing camps on this island for several years, so she has accumulated all the necessary experience to ensure that your experience is truly enjoyable and impressive.





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