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Art. To me, it's more than just aesthetics or an expression of imagination. It's an unspoken language of the soul, a hidden channel to communicate with the higher realms. As one of my soul missions, I craft a legacy through art that serves as an encoded personal gateway. This unique portal beckons you to connect with elevated vibrations, facilitating healing, fostering harmony in relationships, and guiding transformations through the lenses of joy and love. Ultimately, it's a tool to broaden your consciousness and quantum leap into your highest potential timeline. The journey to knowing You - and by You, I mean your unique energetic imprint - is nothing short of a sacred process. It's a dance of souls, an exchange of energies so intimate and special that it illuminates my path with an unmatchable satisfaction. We've met in the heart of lush jungles, on majestic mountain peaks, sailing and surfing through the vast expanses of the ocean. Some of you have woven yourselves into the tapestry of my life as lifelong friends or business partners. And with some, our paths diverged, leaving behind a constellation of memories. Selecting You for this journey is a process steeped in intuition and mutual consent. I begin by asking for your recent picture. Guided by my intuition, I sense your energy, your vibrancy, and your readiness. Then, we commit to a shared experience somewhere in this beautiful world. Priority is given if: We have journeyed together in reality (within this lifetime :) You have traversed through one of my transformative programs You have participated in the #aroundtheworldin369 adventures Sharing my art with the world is a privilege that I cherish deeply. It's even more profound when it's rooted in a place of profound connection. Each testimony of transformational experiences ignited by my multi-dimensional art fills my heart with unbridled joy and divine bliss. I find myself rooting for each one of you, celebrating your victories, and basking in the joy of witnessing your soul's evolution.

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