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Transcend the false self, escape collective constraints | Initiate your transformative journey to 5D


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8 | Soul Family | Tribe | Elevate your being across all facets of life

12-month journey of transformation

Are You Ready to Elev8 Your Life?

When I committed to following the path of my soul, I realised it was impossible with anchors tied to my feet, adorned with "family, environment, ancestors, collective programs, and fears!" I had to let go of all beliefs, programs, behavior patterns, and karmic baggage, and with them... all of "myself," the persona sculpted from that clay. Are you ready to truly meet yourself?

Ieva Launage
Rejus Zemaitis Iluminacion Extrasensory Bioenergetikas Šamanas Shaman Multidimentional Being

Ninah Sol - a highly experienced Lithuanian spiritual guide, adept in liberating individuals from the burdens of the 3D world. She is renowned for her expertise in transforming traumas incurred in both current and past lives. With a subtle approach, she navigates through the most formidable ego barriers. Ninah specializes in harnessing Divine Feminine energy to guide each person towards the core of their soul. Her guiding principle is insightful: 'Explore what persists here and now, beyond thoughts, imagination, bodily sensations, and surroundings. What truly remains in the present moment?'

Rejus - an architect of his unique reality, profoundly skilled in the intricate laws of quantum physics, effortlessly and joyfully navigating the game of life. His journey intersects with ELEV8 energy, which crystallized in the presence of a potent energetic portal in Lithuania. He asserts, "I am not your guide or teacher, but rather a companion on this journey. I am here to share cosmic insights, helping us collectively elevate our experiences to unprecedented heights."


the core

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How does it feel like to be a member ?

I have been a part of this project since its very beginning, and now, after a considerable amount of time, I am in a position to provide an objective assessment of the processes that are taking place. Initially, when I joined Elev8, I was uncertain about what to expect. My mind was preoccupied with materialistic concerns, primarily improving my financial status. However, I never anticipated the profound insights that I would gain.


The project, at its core, is about developing a habit of focusing on your goals irrespective of the surrounding circumstances. In the past, while I pondered over leading a more harmonious life, I often found myself slipping back into automatic responses, entrenched habits, and constant worries, caught in an unending cycle. Participating in the Project demands a commitment: to calm your mind through meditation at least once a week and to truly connect with your inner self - understanding what your soul desires and what is of utmost importance to you at the moment.


Even on days when the world around seems chaotic, this practice helps you pause and refocus on what matters most to you, guiding you towards a different reality. A unique aspect of this group dynamic is when members articulate their aspirations. Often, we discover that these goals resonate with us too, creating a sense that together, we are crafting a reality we desire, not just individually but collectively through each other. This synergy generates a powerful energy flow.


The project also brings to light various internal blocks and beliefs that obstruct the path to our desired outcomes, prompting deep self-analysis and introspection - questioning the origins of these obstacles, what prevents us from overcoming them, and discerning our true desires.


As I started seeing my manifestations come to fruition, I gained a profound understanding of the immense power of our thoughts and the importance of focused, systematic concentration on our aspirations. This realization brought with it a significant sense of responsibility for my life and the conscious creation of my reality.


Being an active participant in this project is an incredible opportunity for personal growth. It offers the chance to be part of a community of like-minded individuals, to share insights, and to collectively pursue our goals, all the while supported by an immense well of collective energy. For this, I am deeply grateful. THANK YOU.

The ELEV8 program is not something into which you can be cajoled or persuaded. It's about readiness – you either are prepared, or you aren’t, and this is something you feel and understand deep within. Doubts may flicker, prompting questions like, "Is this really for me?" But when you truly listen to your heart, you'll unmistakably know that you belong there.


Another key point is that even if fear emerges, wondering if the program is right for you, it tends to naturally sift out those for whom it’s not suitable or those who aren't yet ready to embrace it. They gracefully step aside. There's no need to fear trying it out and seeing for yourself; if it's not the right fit, you can always return later. 


The ELEV8 program is a journey of self-discovery. You join for yourself, driven by personal reasons, and you alone are responsible for your participation in its activities and groups. The work you do is with and for yourself, not with someone else. In our organically formed groups, we communicate and exist in harmony. This program offers a community space where you can openly and beautifully share with everyone. Then, you'll see that in just one evening, not only you but the entire group grows, and you leave feeling empowered to spread positivity.

I joined the ELEV8 project and was immediately wowed by the experience. It resonated deeply with me. Regis' words ring true - in your tribe, you attract people who mirror you. I encountered so many wonderful individuals and formed a plethora of new connections. However, my rational side began to take over quite swiftly, and after two months, I made the decision to leave. Upon exiting, though, I was plagued by the question, "Why did I leave?" The truth was, I had a strong desire to stay. The meditations offered by the project were something I missed profoundly. My belief in those who stayed is unwavering; it's a space where one can truly forge a new reality. And their journey to Thailand? That fills me with excitement and a touch of envy. :)

When I inquired of Ieva about the project, curious if it was worthwhile and whether I would feel comfortable there, her response was immediate and clear: it wouldn't be comfortable. She advised that if comfort was what I sought, then this wasn't the place for me. Nevertheless, I decided to try it out. The project is psychologically demanding. My group is composed of very strong individuals, with a lot constantly happening. It's beneficial to have the habit of meeting once a week, and I often find a deep resonance with what others share. You might spend days pondering the manifestations you desire, but it never turns out to be what you initially thought. As someone starts sharing, you realize that their experiences or desires apply to you as well. Everything unfolds in the moment.


Moreover, this project provides an incredibly safe space. I have never been so open anywhere else. I've experienced psychotherapy, but often felt the need to keep my burdens to myself. Here, you arrive and speak freely about everything. We share laughter and tears alike. Sometimes, it's enlightening to reflect on my past thought patterns. This project isn't easy, especially when you manifest something and then, the next day, you or other participants encounter blocks or opposite situations that require calm navigation. It's challenging, but immensely beneficial. For those who wish to delve deeper into themselves, I highly recommend it.

After deciding to join ELEV8, everything in my life began to shift. I initiated a process of letting go, starting with decluttering my closets. Remarkably, 50% of my belongings were eventually discarded. This act of clearing out created an open energetic space, paving the way for internal changes that continued to evolve and gain momentum. Naturally, this involved a significant amount of purging.


Now, I sometimes find myself getting caught up in things, but there's been a profound shift recently. Completely new realities have unfolded, and the experience is astonishing. I am immensely grateful for my decision to join, and the strength of my manifestations now is truly remarkable.


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