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3 weeks


Welcome to "Let It Go: Emotional, Mental, Energetic Transformation After Breakup or Loss of a Beloved One."

I've created this program after suffering enough myself, only to find out that time indeed doesn't heal everything. It is specific actions. When we connect with another human on an intimate level we form energetic, emotion, mental and eventually even physical chords.

Without properly working though all of them, it may feel like we cannot move on, we still feel the other person, his/hers emotions, thoughts.. If this person is still popping up in our mind - our energy is still connected to that person.

This is for you if you feel:

  • That relationship is over but you do not want to suffer

  • That you've been attracting "same person in different bodies" all the time

  • That you are still energetically connected to another person

  • That you cannot attract harmonious relationships

  • Afraid to open up for new relationship

  • Like giving up..

  • The person that you're not with anymore was "the one'

  • Resonance.

In 3 weeks | 3 individual sessions

We will:

Work on energetic, mental, emotional levels

Each week with different homework and challenges

Let's hear from a person who was the very first one in this program:



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