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Ninah Sol & Rejus Lab

New Year's Goals & Visions
Alchemical Visionary Lab

Clearly articulated intentions act as a roadmap for the mind. In the absence of this roadmap, the mind tends to operate on autopilot, often lacking direction and purpose. It's worth questioning whether our current position is where we truly want to be. If it's not, the next step is to gain clarity on our desired destination. Do we truly know where we aspire to go?

Unleash your powers!

Now is the time to no longer ignore your existing powers, which we can unleash by connecting with the all-creating consciousness of the universe and properly using them to activate your desired reality!


We invite you to an infinitely enriching New Year's alchemical laboratory, where we will assist you in journeying into the new year, empowering yourself to be the creator of your own life.

What awaits you in the alchemical laboratory?

module 1


Crystallization of Visions and Goals

What do you truly want? What is truly important to you?

Before answering these questions, you will listen to a lecture and perform a powerful meditation during which you will detach from external opinions and expectations. This will enable you to clearly feel what your true heart's desires are. Following the provided structure, you will outline 10 key life spheres, clearly describing how they look and feel.

module 2

DALL·E 2023-12-01 20.01.12 - Module 2_ Alchemy_ Mental Block Transformation - A mystical alchemical laboratory scene with a person engaged in transforming mental blocks. Visual el.png


Block Transformation at the Mental Level

You will receive clear instructions on what to do to identify the blocks within your conscious and subconscious mind that may be hindering or could hinder these manifestations in the future. You will perform a special meditation that you can repeat as many times as you identify the key blocks in your mind

Block Transformation at the Emotional and Spiritual Level

You will receive a special regression therapy meditation during which you will transform the blocks that have formed at the emotional and subconscious levels, leaving imprints on the soul.

module 3

DALL·E 2023-12-01 20.15.04 - Module 3_ V


We will meet in a collective online session, where you will vocalize your New Year's vision aloud so that everyone can feel its energy. After all participants share their visions, we will engage in a collective meditation, merging the energy of our consciousness for the most harmonious realization of these visions for each individual.

Following this activation, you will ground everything in the action plan and a strong determination and motivation to take the first steps towards materializing your desired reality right now

bonus lecture


You will receive a bonus lecture that we recommend reviewing at least once a month as self-support and a reminder of the direction you've chosen. This will help you maintain self-belief and remember how to apply certain tools that guarantee successful change.

bonus meeting

Additionally, there will be a bonus meeting with all workshop participants three months after the program for sharing updates on your progress. These workshops are highly effective and require strong motivation and commitment to making a change. They involve a fair amount of independent work, so your determination must be at its maximum.

What will you receive:

3 1-hour lectures
3 20-30 minute meditations
2 online meetings
✧ Access to a closed group - a safe space for sharing your experiences with like-minded individuals
✧ Energetic support

For whom is this alchemical laboratory intended?

✧ For those who want to harness the power of their consciousness to create their reality more expansively
✧ For those who want to confidently move towards their dreams
✧ For those who genuinely want to achieve their goals in the most harmonious way
✧ For those who are open to exploring how they can operate more expansively, empowering their spiritual potential
✧ For those who are ready to leave behind their old life
✧ For those who want to elevate their reality to unseen heights
✧ For those for whom the full experience is more important than external manifestations
✧ For those who are ready to see what they can achieve when working in unison with the divine force of the universe

✧ meet your guides ✧

ninah sol & rėjus



A master of shifting reality paradigms, he has completely transcended the systemic matrix of collective consciousness structures in his life.


At the age of 19, he became a professional poker player, participating in championships worldwide, where he experienced remarkable victories, utilizing his extraordinary intellectual abilities. Mastering his mind brilliantly, at the age of 28, he underwent a transition into a new reality, leaving behind his old life and merging his consciousness with divine currents. While Rėjus experienced and had everything others could only dream of, jet-setting to the most stunning places on earth, enjoying material wealth and the opportunities it provided, he always felt that there was something much greater and more important. Finally, he realized that his mission in this world was entirely different. Currently, Rėjus works on projects that genuinely help change a person's vibrational frequency and align with incredible reality variants in all spheres of life - health, relationships, career, and connection with divine consciousness. "Feeling a person's state, I help them navigate their consciousness and subconscious structures so that limiting beliefs are released, and space is created for new reality experiences. My highest inspiration is to assist people in unlocking their own highest potential," says Rėjus ✩


I am an experienced, professional spiritual guide with over 8 years of experience. I have had the honor of working with many individuals and guiding them through transformative self-discovery and healing experiences. Utilizing my toolbox, which includes practices such as the Sedona Method, Theta Healing, past life regression, timeline therapy, shamanic breathwork sessions, and conscious reality creation, I have witnessed profound changes and breakthroughs in the lives of my clients. With a heart devoted to the service of light, I joyfully witnessed the transformation and empowerment of over a thousand happy clients, as they boldly fulfilled their soul's potential and connected with divine consciousness. It is a great honour for me to be the catalyst for these alchemical changes.

In addition to conducting individual sessions and courses, I have also organized and led numerous retreats in inspiring locations in Indonesia, South America, and Europe. My mission is to continue creating spaces for healing, growth, self-realization, and to facilitate deep self-discovery and personal development journeys, guiding souls towards the highest truth and expression of love

Early Birds:

First 9: 333€

Next 9: 666€

Subsequent: 999€

registration open

We would like to inform you that the tools and necessary information provided in the programs serve as the catalyst for your changes - how you integrate them depends solely on you. After completing the program, we highly recommend revisiting the material multiple times until the information settles into the relevant parts of your consciousness

This program is not recommended for individuals with psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar disorder. If you are dealing with psychological disorders such as depression, panic attacks, apathy, joining the program can be especially beneficial

infinite blessings

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